​Surviving and growing for over 100 years is not easy for a manufacturing company, but AB&I Foundry has passed the century milestone by 10 years.  They held a celebration on August 27 to celebrate their 110th anniversary!  Well over 500 people attended the event which included not only team members and their families, but many local residents, the Mayor of Oakland, President of the Oakland City Council Larry Reid, and the Boy Scouts. 

Attendees could not wait to take the tour and left with a greater appreciation of what AB&I does.  As always, the frying pans and tortilla warmers made from confiscated firearms were a big hit.  Councilman Reid presented AB&I with a City Council Proclamation and in her speech, Mayor Schaaf said, "Oakland would not be what it is today were it not for AB&I.  They make Oakland stronger and better and provide great jobs for our residents."  The Mayor also declared Saturday, August 27, AB&I Foundry Day.

Team members had the facility in tip top shape and did an amazing job showcasing the foundry and their strong commitment to the environment and the safety of the team. 

Congratulations AB&I team!