On January 13, AB&I was pleased to have the opportunity to host a Career Exploration Visit for Skyline and Fremont High School students. The students learned about the products, career opportunities and history of AB&I. After a plant and Pattern Shop tour, they got the chance to touch and experiment with the fittings.

During lunch, students learned about upcoming internships and scholarship opportunities through AB&I.  AB&I team members Monica Perez and Kerry Griffin also presented the Dave Robinson Innovation Award to Skyline graduate Bonnie Guam. Bonnie graduated in May of 2019, but was in China when the scholarships were announced.  She is currently attending UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering.

AB&I built new lockers at Skyline High several months ago and a student/football player on the tour expressed the team's appreciation for the upgrades the AB&I team made to the locker room and the weight room.