AB&I is continually looking for ways to educate students and potential team members about the manufacturing industry.  Last year, Professor Rob Carter approached Zeydi Gutierrez about an internship at AB&I for Cole Pike.  He was interviewed and hired as a summer intern in Engineering and Safety.  After completing his internship, Cole used his experience at AB&I to write his essay in support of his application for a Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) scholarship.

We were pleased to learn that he was one of the winners.  FEF provides the industry with a steady supply of technical and management-oriented people.  On average, nearly 80% of all graduating students who register with FEF and report full-time employment, take a position in the metal casting industry. It was nice to see someone with a connection to AB&I be awarded a scholarship.

Thanks to the AB&I team for making Cole's internship a great experience.