The holidays can be a happy time, but they can also be a very stressful time if you are on a very limited budget. AB&I team member Kristin Cook wanted to do something to ease some of the stress for residents in need this Christmas. She is a single parent and knows how expensive the holidays can be and something as small as a tree can make a big difference, so she asked if AB&I would be willing to sponsor a potted tree giveaway at the local library. She proposed potted trees because they cut down on after holiday waste and are great for the environment.

Kristin presented the idea to Director of Business Operations Zeydi Gutierrez and she encouraged Kristin to move forward with her idea. Kristin contacted the neighborhood library and they agreed to host the event. She explained her vision for the event and after a few tweaks, a date was set, and a flyer was distributed to the community.

We are pleased to report that the event was a huge success. Parents were in line and ready before the 5:00 pm start. Kristin’s son handed out candy canes, her mom put ribbons around the trees and Zeydi and Kristin handed out trees. The kids were all smiles and kept thanking them. Many of the parents shared how they didn’t know how they were going to afford a tree this year. The library has even asked if we will be back next year.

“We couldn’t be more pleased at such a wonderful response, Kristin said. The love and holiday spirit truly brought me to tears! I felt like Santa Claus.”