Volunteers are a vital part of the Alameda County Food Bank. The volunteer efforts not only help children, senior citizens, but also entire families living in the county. Last week the warehouse was abuzz with fourteen AB&I Foundry volunteers that worked two shifts to help sort and package produce for three hours.  The AB&I team members on the morning shift sorted and packaged 1,164 lbs. of apples, 3,649 lbs. of oranges, and 1,530 lbs. of pears. Working the morning shift were Sofya Elterman, Kevin McCullough, Yolanda Roberts and by her two children Clay and Indya, Carlos Gonzalez, Debbie Wagner (AB&I benefits TPA) and Robin Henningsen. Working the afternoon shift were Christopher Fagundes, Cris Forde, Jenny Landon, Jaime Miramontes, Fidel Romero, Francesca Dunbar, Billy Ngiraikelau and Zeydi Gutierrez.

While working her shift, Francesca Dunbar spotted some pipe in the warehouse that was produced by Tyler and she and Jaime Miramontes were so efficient they got “promoted” to carrots. A grand total of 6,343 lbs. of produce was processed and which is the equivalent weight of more than 5,000 meals! In 2016, approximately 17,000 volunteers were instrumental in helping distribute more than 35-million pounds of food. Corporate support and sponsorship is vital to the Food Bank. The man-hours AB&I provided were essential in helping them achieve their goals.

Great work by the AB&I team members who volunteered their time to this great cause.