Anaco held its 4th Annual Health and Wellness Fair for team members on April 23, 2013.  Anaco has supported the annual health fair event to encourage team members to take preventative measures to avoid the onset or worsening of an illness or disease by adopting a healthier lifestyle. The truth is that team members work hard and have busy schedules, both at work and at home, which unfortunately leaves them very little time to think about how to lead a healthier lifestyle. But maintaining a healthy work/life balance is becoming increasingly important so Anaco will be providing valuable information to team members on an on-going basis as it relates to health and wellness; including a “walking to wellness program”.

Vendors at the health fair provided team members with free screenings for blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI (body mass index) and a 10 minute massage. Team members received educational handouts which included tips on how to eat healthier, suggestions on how to add fitness to your daily routine and explained the importance of good oral hygiene through proper dental care.  Not only did team members benefit from the “on-site health check-up”, they also received a healthy lunch, free toothbrushes, first aid kit, hand sanitizers and some team members even won prizes from a raffle drawing.

Thanks to entire Anaco team and vendors for making this year’s Health & Wellness Fair a huge success!