In a recent letter to the Clow Water Team, General Manager Tom Crawford thanked the team for all of their hard work and their collective efforts that made 2014 a successful year.  Then he addressed an issue that is uppermost in the team’s thoughts these days – the big football game in New Orleans at the Sugar Bowl on January 1 when the Ohio Buckeyes will play the Alabama Crimson Tide!

Since transferring from Anniston, Alabama to Coshocton, Ohio, Tom said he has gotten a small taste of the passion many folks at Clow have for the scarlet and gray team over in Columbus, Ohio.  He has enjoyed the friendly banter over the last two weeks and proposed a friendly “wager”.  If Ohio State wins, Tom will allow someone to paint his hair scarlet and gray or any other design they come up with for a day.  Now, if the Alabama Crimson Tide wins, the senior staff, along with Dave Jones, has to wear an Alabama face sticker for the day.

Whatever the outcome, we will surely follow up with pictures!  Good luck to both teams and may the best team win – Go Buckeyes and Roll Tide Roll.