OAKLAND, CA July 13, 2020: AB&I Foundry is encouraged by the findings of a report  released by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) on July 10, 2020, detailing the agency’s sampling and testing procedures of emissions resulting from AB&I’s casting process.

“The CARB study confirms that AB&I’s efforts to reduce emissions are working.  The study examined an array of substances used in AB&I’s casting process finding levels below established thresholds for health and odor impacts,” said Michael Lowe, General Manager of AB&I Foundry.  An odor threshold is an airborne concentration at which the human sense of smell can detect a chemical.  Lowe continued, “While there are remaining challenges with identifying episodic odor events in our area, we are pleased that the report reflects the successful hard work by AB&I’s environmental team  to protect public health and capture emissions through safeguards installed in the metals casting process.”

“AB&I fully cooperated with CARB, which hired an internationally recognized air quality firm called Eastern Research Group (ERG), to sample the air in and around AB&I in 2019.  While we are encouraged with CARB/ERG findings, we are taking nothing for granted and continue to make investments in additional facility improvements to solidify our progress in the year since the study was initiated,” Lowe said. 

Lowe further stated that: “The company is committed to continuing our engagement with the community and providing the upmost transparency so that we together can work to match odors with their sources.  We believe that stakeholders must understand not only where, but also how such odors can escape into an area and also what sources can cause odor episodes.”

AB&I recognizes that CARB is one of four governmental regulatory bodies looking to improve air quality in East Oakland, the Bay Area and California.  The environmental group, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), has triggered much of this government activity by identifying sources of pollution in our area since 2008. Their findings have shown that manufacturing emissions sources are dwarfed by vehicle emissions and other emissions sources. AB&I takes our responsibility of being good stewards of the environment seriously and strives to help improve the quality of life overall in East Oakland.  

AB&I Foundry, an Oakland-based company that manufactures cast iron pipe and fittings for the plumbing industry, has a long legacy of manufacturing in East Oakland. The company has been manufacturing quality cast iron soil pipe that is used to convey fluids out of commercial and residential buildings since 1906. In addition to producing environmentally beneficial products, AB&I has developed ways to make our facility more environmentally friendly as well.  AB&I has implemented environmental practices that, in many instances, exceed U.S. standards, producing performance that is among the best of the industries in which we operate.  Plumbing infrastructure is critical to public health and sanitation and there are only three manufacturers remaining in the United States.  



Francesca Dunbar, VP Group Marketing, McWane (925) 216-1828 email: Francesca.dunbar@mcwaneplbgrp.com

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