Toronto, October 29, 2020:  Futurecom Systems Group, ULC today announced the introduction of the DVR-LX P25 Rackmount Repeater, a new form factor for their recently introduced vehicle mount DVR-LX P25 Digital Vehicular Repeater. The DVR-LX rackmount provides first responders portable radio coverage into challenging terrain and building locations.

The DVR-LX rackmount repeater is designed in a compact 19” shelf configuration and can be installed in a customer supplied cabinet or server rack. The rack shelf allows for the DVR-LX, duplexer, filtering and remote mount APX™ mobile radio to be securely installed.  There are many unique applications the DVR-LX rackmount repeater can extend radio coverage into, including motor vehicle inspection stations and ambulance stations positioned in hospitals.

A front panel provides a mounting location for the Motorola Solutions Inc APX™ 02 Control head and speaker microphone.  The DVR-LX rackmount optional features include a 50-Watt Amplifier and external alarms to monitor the conditions of the DVR-LX including temperature and power output thresholds.  This amplifier is ideal to extend radio coverage into large outdoor areas including State and Provincial parks.

 “We were approached by two major agencies who challenged us to develop a solution to improve first responders radio coverage into large outdoor locations that their vehicles could not reach. Futurecom accepted the challenge and developed the DVR-LX Rackmount solution that ensured first responders’ safety was never compromised”, said Paul Halinaty, President and CEO.

 The DVR-LX Rack Mount is available in VHF, UHF and 800 MHz bands and will be orderable and shipping in mid Q4 2020.   

The DVR-LX Rack Mount is sold exclusively through Motorola Solutions worldwide, a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for public safety and commercial customers.

The terms “market leader” and “industry standard” are used by many companies because of their ambiguity. At Futurecom, the belief is “show us” don’t “tell us”. Futurecom’s radio coverage solutions are actively deployed by over 800 agencies worldwide. Thousands of those units have been in service for over 15 years. 

When first responders need RF coverage, they bring Futurecom.