One of the most pressing issues facing our country is the need to upgrade the nation’s water infrastructure. Much of our drinking water infrastructure, the more than one million miles of pipes beneath our streets, is nearing the end of its useful life and approaching the age at which it needs to be replaced. The American Water Works Association estimates that restoring existing water systems as they reach the end of their useful lives and expanding them to serve a growing population will cost at least $1 trillion over the next 25 years, if we are to maintain current levels of water service.

May 15-19 is Infrastructure Week in the U.S. and McWane, celebrating the important role we play in our nation’s water infrastructure. Our team members manufacture safe, strong and sustainable ductile iron pipe, fittings and valves that deliver drinking water throughout the USA and around the world.

News reports about water contamination in Flint, Michigan, and other cities highlight what happens when our water infrastructure is ignored and neglected.

During Infrastructure Week 2017, we join the millions of Americans who are urging their elected officials to invest in this critical need; an investment that will pay dividends for future generations.

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