The City of Fall River, Massachusetts recently experienced a leak on a water main pump house line. This is one of their main transmission lines that feed water to the City of Fall River. The original pump house was installed in 1875. Clow Valve's customer, Jack Farrelly Company, out of Bloomfield, Connecticut received the emergency order from CB Utility, the contractor performing the work, for two 36” MJ RW Valves with Bevel Gearing and one 16” MJ RW. Within a couple of days and weekend delivery, Clow delivered the 36” and 16” valves and subsequently received an order for a second 36” valve which they also delivered. It was a total team effort with sales, production and shipping coming together to make this happen. Clow Valve Outside Sales Representative Bret Johnson spoke to the City of Fall River and they are very happy that Clow came through on this very important project. They are so satisfied with the level of service we provided, they have agreed to add Clow hydrants to their approved list.

Great job and congratulations to the entire Clow Valve team for helping during this emergency situation. This is the kind of service that Clow Valve customers receive and appreciate.