With the new school year about to begin and the cost of school supplies soaring, Manchester Tank Quincy sponsored a team backpack giveaway with backpacks stuffed full of basic school supplies and a few extra treats added just for fun.  Twenty backpacks were given away to these lucky winners (top picture L-R) Jim Compton, Tim Wilson, Carlye Harrison, Brian Tallman, TC Borgstadt, Victor Mayfield, Carol Henson, Brandy Brewer, Charles Markert, John Sheets, Richard Zimmerman,and Maurena Boernson. (bottom picture L-R) Matt Swearingen, Amos Allen, James Feltman, and Rebekka Hook.  (Not pictured) Steve Reynolds, Scott Bowen, Nathan Hayes, Jim Bergman.

We are glad to have the opportunity to help ensure that students start the school year prepared to succeed.